Whether you are in quarantine, choosing to self-isolate due to Coronavirus or just opted to go out less, you might be looking for some ideas for home-based activities.

Continuing the series of at home activities, here are five more things you can do indoor:

6. Take online courses

Challenge yourself to take advantage of the free time and build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online. You have numerous websites and apps that give you free or subscription based courses in numerous fields, so go online and search how you can build your skills with online courses. For example:

  • Coursera.org offers a high range of online courses, including arts&humanities, business, computer science, personal development, physical science and engineering or language learning.
  • On udemy.com you can find business, IT and software, design, marketing, photography or personal development classes.
  • Google also provides online courses in it’s Digital Garage: data and tech, digital marketing and career development.

7. Have a spa experience

Take some time for yourself to run a warm bath, do your manicure, apply a hair and face mask, put on body and face creams, all while you are listening to your favorite music. Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make us feel better and self-care days, especially in times of heightened stress, are vital to good mental health.

8. Work towards your personal goal

Many of us constantly have a list of things that we’ve been meaning to do and kept postponing. Maybe start a blog, do some home improvements, learn how to play an instrument, update your resume to apply to a new job, learn how to knit. Whatever it may be, take advantage of the free time to work toward your personal goal.

9. Binge your favorite shows

Now is the time to catch up on your favorite TV shows and documentaries. Whether you have a cable subscription or take a subscription with Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO or similar apps, relax and unwind with some quality entertainment.

10. Make a bucket list

Make a list of the things you would like to do after self-isolation is over. Here you have a few suggestions:

  • Visit your family and friends;
  • Take your family and friends out for coffee, a nice meal, dancing in a club or a picnic in the park;
  • Write down the places you would like to travel to, in your country or abroad, and even plan your trip;
  • Physical activities you can’t do at home, which can include jogging in a park, swimming at your gym pool, attend fitness events;
  • Go to the cinema;
  • Schedule a massage;