Whether you are in quarantine, choosing to self-isolate due to Coronavirus or just opted to go out less, you might be looking for some ideas for home-based activities.

Staying at home can be fun and productive, so here are five things you can do indoor:

1. Exercise

Many people are not able to go out for afternoon walks or get adequate physical exercise. Movement is vital to optimal physical and mental health, so even if it’s more difficult to train at home, we recommend searhing for some at-home workouts.

You have many free or paid options to choose from:

  • Search online for at-home workouts to suit your needs (Yoga, Pilates, Abs, Full body workout, Dance workout, No equipment, warm-up, stretching or whatever works for you);
  • Join an online fitness program (like 30 days yoga exercises) or a fitness challenge;
  • Check online if your gym or neighborhood gyms have online training videos, because the emergency state in several countries motivated gyms to upload online training information or videos on their website, Facebook page or YouTube channel;
  • Look for an online trainer to get a customized fitness program;
  • Read fitness articles or follow social media for fitness tips.;
  • Just turn on the music and get dancing.

2. Clean

It may not be the most exciting task in the world, but cleaning can be a stress reliever and you will enjoy the end results of your efforts. You can do a general spring cleaning, or you can focus on some areas that are bothering you, for example:

  • Clean out your wardrobe: sort your clothes, ditch items you are not wearing, rediscover your wardrobe;
  • Sort through your papers: sometimes we tend to gather a lot of papers, like receipts, drafts, notes, magazines, old school notebooks. You can go through those and remove unnecessary papers, sort the important papers so you can find them when needed, scan papers you want to keep, but you don’t need them in physical format.
  • Go into those drawers where you keep miscellaneous things and try to categorize them and get rid of things that are not useful for you anymore.
  • Clean your medicine cabinet and get rid of expired pills or cosmetics.
  • You can even go online and clean your email by sorting all necessary emails on categories or deleting old newsletter subscription emails, expired offers, spam emails.

3. Chat with your family and friends

Even if it’s difficult to meet face-to-face, you can still keep in contact with your loved ones by text, phone calls or video calls.

You can even plan a group chat with several family members or several friends and stay close while you enjoy the time together.

4. Learn a new language

Challenge yourself to take advantage of the free time and learn a new language or practice on a language you haven’t speak in a long time.

You have numerous websites and apps that give you free or subscription based lessons (memrise.com, duolingo.com, coursera.org are only a few examples) and also numerous websites where you can practice that language with native speakers or other students.

You choose your own pace, whether is 5 minutes per day or one hour per day, but after a few months you will enjoy and benefit from this new skills.

5. Cook something

Now is a good time to release some creative energy on new recipes with the ingredients at hand. You can either chat with friends and family to discover new recipes, or you can go online where you have numerous resources to get inspired.

Cooking up tasty food not only keeps you busy, but it is also great for your mental and physical health.